We explore the intelligence and insights that will boost your business growth, and develop a plan

As Business Intelligence specialists we have a strong track record of helping businesses to use information to solve problems, build income, reduce costs, and grow.  You might be a micro business seeking real time insights about your customers’ choices and bookings.  Or a major corporation wanting to know the most profitable way to operate your supply chain.   Or a charity or Housing Trust in need of a financial model to provide options for raising capital.  Whichever type of business you are, and wherever your data is located, we will translate your requirements for information into a step by step plan for delivering it.

We will do this free of charge, without you having any obligation to put the plan into action.

We combine data from across the business and build the new information that you need

When the plan gets the green light, you will want the insights and intelligence to be delivered for the lowest cost possible.  We therefore assemble data from all the relevant records within your business (IT systems, spreadsheets, ledgers and paper files) without you having to purchase new technology.

We combine the data in ways that permit information to surface that would otherwise remain hidden.  For example, the profit made from different customer groups may involve several sets of records.  E.g. points of customer contact , purchases, deliveries, records of income and expenditure.  We then present it in the format that is best for you.  This might involve our own cloud based service (accessed from your desktop or mobile wherever you are), your own in-house systems, or a one-off spreadsheet or report.

Throughout, we focus only upon what’s needed for the insights and choices that you want to have.

We help you to translate the intelligence and insights developed into agreement for action

As Business Consultants with deep experience of change in organisations we know that insights are of little value unless action happens.  We help you to transform the information and intelligence that you receive into agreement amongst Stakeholders about the priorities for action.  These might include:

  • Streamlining activities in your key operations;
  • Targeting specific categories of customer;
  • Developing specific skills amongst the people in your business;
  • Adopting specialist forecasting and budgeting practices;
  • Making deeper use of data analytics and business intelligence.

We transfer our skills to you so that you can continue to use business intelligence to drive your business forward

As Trainers with a passion for teaching we also know that, to keep using information to drive growth, your people need to be trained.  We will therefore transfer our knowledge and skills to you.  We will use seminars and workshops, and the opportunities that will come from working together with a shared aim to build a new set of information to drive growth.

We will equip you with the skills to embed an effective and sustainable business intelligence practice within your organisation.