We are business Intelligence, data and technical specialists with a passion for and long experience of helping businesses to grow.  Together, and working with you, we deliver:

Information to make your strategy work

Each decision you make to steer your business towards your goals needs evidence.

You might want to take cost out and speed things up.  Or invest in new messages to put into the market.  Perhaps recruit new people and train them to sell a new service.

We design the information that will makes your choices clear.

Data and technology for the answers you need

The data from which the information will come might be from internal systems, public sources, or manual records.  It might also be buried deep and difficult to use.

We bring the data together, and communicate the answers to key questions in ways that best suit each person involved.  And as far as possible we use the systems and technology already in place.

Change that lifts efficiency and builds customer relationships

With your choices clear we will help you to deliver the changes required.  We design business processes to be more efficient and to strengthen customer relationships.

And we bring those designs to life through a mix of education, training and technology.  We always strive to make the best use of current systems.  However, we will introduce solutions such as process automation and artificial intelligence if justified by the benefits.

Methods and skills to allow you to do more

To ensure that you can continue to harness and use the data in the business, we teach you what we do.

We use seminars and workshops, and the opportunities that arise from working together.  The greater your skills in data and digital analytics, the sharper your competitive edge, and the quicker you will grow your business.