What you will gain

When the conventional annual budget is replaced by the combination of a more credible budgeting process and a rolling forecast, a responsive and highly-effective management tool can emerge. On this course discover how to:

  • Create a dynamic rolling forecast for both revenue and expenditure;
  • Produce a budgeting process that can quickly reflect the output from the rolling forecast;
  • Make your budgeting process responsive to plans inspired by changes in strategy and the market; plus competitor moves, advances in technology, efficiency and process improvement ideas;
  • Play a pivotal role as a catalyst for change.

Who the course is for

Board members, senior managers and accountants with responsibility for budgeting.

Where it happens and what you need

The dates planned for this course are as follows:

11 September 2018 – London;

30 October 2018 – Edinburgh (ICAS);

26 November 2018 – London;

12 December 2018 – Manchester;

22 March 2019 – London;

11 June 2019 – Birmingham;

24 June 2019 – London;

23 September 2019 – London;

19 November 2019 – London;

10 December 2019 – Manchester.

ICAS dates for 2019 will be published when available.

Prices and booking information are to be found through the BPP and ICAS websites. Please click here for the BPP Mastercourse brochure, and here for the ICAS brochure.