What you will gain

Data visualisation is becoming an essential skill for anyone in business wanting to communicate complex information in ways that are simple, striking and memorable. As much an art form as it is a science good data visualisation is about engaging people in a story. It requires a ‘nose for the critical issues’ within the organisation, the ability to find and tell the right story, insight about how to use eye catching infographics, and the skills and tools with which to find and shape the data that sits under the surface. It is also a powerful tool for Business Partners and Change Managers who want to bring people together to explore ways to improve the business. Within this course participants use practical hands on exercises to discover what’s involved in effective data visualisation. It explores how businesses can learn from the work of journalists how to employ data visualisation to reach the heart of critical issues within the world of financial and operational analytics. It looks at the latest software tools for analysing data and presenting it in ways that match the needs of the audience. And it demonstrates how visual methods can be a vitally important tool for anyone involved in investigating business problems and leading change processes.

Who the course is for

Finance managers in all sectors.

Where it happens and what you need

The dates planned for this course are as follows:

25 October 2018 – London;

23 May 2019 – London;

24 October 2019 – London.

Prices and booking information are to be found through the BPP website. Please click here for the BPP Mastercourse brochure.