Accountancy is set to change.  New technology in the form of automation and DIY accounting software, as well as plans by HMRC to do away with tax returns, threaten some of an Accountant’s main activities.

But, what if you could change your conversation with your clients to one that is much more about the future – how to find opportunities to make greater profit, or ways to drive up business volumes?

You can do this by talking about Business Intelligence – the use of data to create key strategic insights.

Although a client may need less of the traditional services, they are growing a thirst for better business intelligence.

Your clients know there are increasing volumes of data available to them that can yield valuable intelligence.  They just lack the know-how to find it and turn it into the critical information they need.

This is where you, their Accountant, step in.  You are uniquely qualified to help.  You know your client’s business, you work with numbers, and you know how to communicate with clients about their numbers.

What if you could use the best data visualisation tools available to turn the standard sets of numbers into highly interactive, visual stories about what’s happened and why.  Imagine then using new sets of data to really open your client’s, or your employer’s eyes to a world of visual business intelligence that will help their business to grow.

This is what we want you to be able to do.  And this is where we come in.

We are Business Intelligence specialists and we are setting up an initiative to help members of the Accountancy Professional to develop the necessary skills and experience.

We are at the very start, and we are looking for two or three Accountants to work with us over a few months at no cost to establish the best way for this to work.

As a result, we want you to embark upon a new relationship with your clients, or employer, based upon insights about the future, brought to life through the best data visualisation practice, and translated into choices and decisions that will drive their growth.

With your help, we want to learn how we can roll the approach out to other Accounting professionals and ultimately make a change to the level of digital skill being used within SMEs across the SEMLEP region.

Over the forthcoming few months, and through a combination of the following, our job will be to furnish you with the means to start new and exciting conversations with your client(s) or employer.

  • Training & education in the art of developing business intelligence;
  • Technology to develop and visualise your client’s or employer’s data;
  • Ongoing Support that gets you going and provides you with advice and assistance whenever you need it.

The training and education will be focused entirely around your needs and how you want to progress.  But we have a wide range of skills and capabilities to transfer to you, some of which are shown below.

We also have state of the art data visualisation applications available for you.  Please click on the button below to find out more about those.

And we will be there to provide whatever support and assistance you need, in particular how best to work with client data for the best outcomes.

Who we are:

We are both Management Consultants and Business Intelligence specialists, having supported Finance Professionals in the delivery of better Management Information and Business Intelligence for over 25 years.

For the last 15 years we have also led the professional Mastercourse Programme for BPP, CIMA & ICAS in the areas of budgeting and forecasting, performance measurement, and data visualisation.

Our mission:

Our mission is ultimately to lift the level of digital skill available to, and employed by, SMEs across the SEMLEP region.  To do this we want you, their Accountant, to bring those skills and capabilities to them.  This will allow you to become much more of a trusted strategic partner to your clients or employer and allow you to play a central role in your client’s or employer’s success.

If you would like to find out more and if you would like to participate in this initiative please contact us:

Phone: 0333 8000 825

Or click on the link here which will take you to our contact form. | 0333 8000 825

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