As a consultant who sells services to the Housing sector I was honoured by an invitation to speak at a recent (and excellent) Housemark Performance Improvement Club.  At these events those within the Housing Sector are able to meet and listen to colleagues engaged in, or contemplating, some form of performance improvement activity (often referred to  as performing a ‘review’).   On this occasion, I and Alan Penrhyn-Lowe,  Director of Financial Services at the Network Housing Group (NHG), jointly presented outcomes from reviews underway at NHG.

Towards the end of the day a number of questions were raised by delegates for the panel of speakers to consider.  Three questions resonated.  They popped up several times in one form or another so were clearly at the forefront of peoples’ minds.  From my own experience I know them to be key points for debate in the planning of any review.  They are:

Should you seek external support for reviews?

If you include the cost of doing a review, are the outcomes still worth implementing?

Money is tight so how do you resource a review?

Within this article I would like to touch upon each and hopefully provide a little clarity for the many people in Housing Associations and Councils grappling with reviews in order to drive up value for money from services. Continue reading “Reviews in your business when money is tight”