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Clarion Housing Group (previously Affinity Sutton)

Business intelligence and ROI calculations

In response to financial pressures facing the whole social housing sector ASG has to find ways to extract greater value from everything it does.

They decided to invest in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology as a platform for growth.

Develin’s task was to calculate a Return on Investment (ROI) for the programme that reflected the full impact that new ways of working could have upon the business – and have the business commit to deliver that figure.

Develin acted as architects for the ROI approach and provided a foundation of Business Intelligence and data analytics that helped the business to agree to deliver a substantial level of return on the investment in the programme.

Machine Learning to predict customer behaviour

With the introduction of Universal Credit tenant arrears are expected to rise. This in turn is expected to drive up rates of tenant eviction and abandonment. Develin’s second challenge was to develop a method for predicting which tenants would be at greatest risk of becoming homeless through eviction or abandonment in order for timely help to be provided.

Develin developed a machine learning approach to predicting which tenants, out of a total of over 40,000, within the coming weeks and months, are at greatest risk of homelessness.

The result was a shortlist of 20 people almost all of whom were confirmed by Field Officers on the ground to be those in most need of help.

The method is now being developed further for use by others who provide similar housing services such as Local Government and Third Sector organisations.

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De Montfort University Case Study

The need was for management teams across De Montfort University to understand the costs of all the university’s key activities, and how those activities influence financial performance.

The focus centred upon Central Service costs. A significant proportion of these costs was driven by factors that lay outside the ability of the Service Managers to control e.g. activities within Faculties that demanded Central Service input. The ability to remain within Service budgets was therefore a hit and miss affair.

Develin built a financial model and a reporting framework that demonstrated to each part of the University the extent to which their activities were driving Central Service costs.

Develin also extended the cost allocation principles into budgeting and forecasting analysis and processes to encourage a greater degree of planning for those activities that influenced costs the most.

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Network Homes Case Study

Network Homes owns and manages approximately 20,000 properties across London and Herfordshire. In the face of financial pressures that were common across the whole social housing sector it needed to manage costs down.

Its original structure comprised five separate housing providers and a corporate centre.  Under substantial pressure from the Board the Group undertook to consolidate the five separate providers into a single provider, thereby achieving a substantial reduction in costs.

Develin provided the analysis of core business process costs and performance, costs of governance, and the costs of duplicate activities across the Group that underpinned the consolidation of the five separate organisations into to a single entity.

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