We are business Intelligence, data and technical specialists with a passion for and long experience of helping businesses to grow.  Together, and working with you, we:

Define the information that will drive your business forward

To steer your business towards your goals you need answers to the what, how and why questions that evolve from your strategy.

E.g. what to do to find new opportunities, how to take cost out and speed things up, why the need to launch a new service.

We define this information for you – what it needs to say, how to develop it, who should be involved.

Develop the data and technology that will deliver the answers you need

We source the data required, develop the answers you need, bring everything into a ‘one stop shop’ for information, and provide ease of access for everyone irrespective of location or department.

We make full use of your existing systems, building new technology only if absolutely required.


Implement change to build efficiency, customer relationships, and profit

With your direction of travel clear we help you to build the efficiencies, customer relationships, and business intelligence to take you forward.

We use process automation and customer engagement technology along with applications for acquiring business intelligence – whilst also providing education, training and individual mentoring every step of the way.

Develop your skills to allow you to do more

To ensure that you can continue to harness and use the data in the business, we teach you what we do.  We also develop the foundations of a data centric culture e.g. through data champions and nurturing self sufficiency in the use of data within teams.

We use seminars and workshops, and the opportunities that arise from working together.  The greater your skills in data and digital analytics, the sharper your competitive edge, and the quicker you will grow your business.