Let’s say you have a small manufacturing business.  Demand is good and you are working flat out to keep up.

You also want to grow.  But the cost of hiring an Apprentice who will take 3 years to train seems to be prohibitive.  What do you do?

Or, you run a logistics business.  You know that some types of contract make more money than others.  Which ones do you opt for?

Every one of the small and medium sized businesses across the UK will have similar questions.  What a difference it would make to productivity across the UK economy if they could all be answered.

Where’s an Accountant when you need one?

The person ideally placed to provide the answers is the Accountant.   They know their client’s business.  They are always looking for ways to help their clients to grow.  They are normally the first port of call for questions about income and cost.

However, some challenges stand in the way.

Accountants already have access to the numbers in the business, but they may not have access to the data needed for the answers required.

They already have a great deal of skill and experience, but need access to particular analysis methods and models.

They already work hard to be on hand for their clients whenever required, but clients are already becoming more self sufficient with financial information.

These challenges become all the greater when Accountants find it difficult to gain the access to their clients that they need.

Our goal is to equip accountants to overcome these challenges, first and foremost through highly focused and practical training.

We are part of the BPP professional development programme for Finance Professionals.  We are preparing courses for Accountants in Practice aimed at helping them to lift the productivity of their clients.

Scenarios such as those above suggest the need for stronger ‘commercial’ analytical practices.

But is this true?

Here is the question.

If you are an Accountant in Practice, and you want to equip your clients to make the greatest gains in productivity, what would the title of your ideal training programme be?

Please let us know by commenting on LinkedIn or Twitter.  The more we understand of the world of the Accountant in Practice, the better the training courses will be.


Paul Clarke


Develin Consulting