Making business intelligence and financial modelling more accessible.

A major obstacle to businesses growing is a lack of relevant, timely, and forward looking management information & business intelligence.

For example, forecasts that trigger smart decisions about when to invest, which lines of business to focus upon, whether to change prices.

Also, information that moves everyone involved onto the same page.    It can be tough growing a business if there are differing views about what to do.    Clear, impartial and credible information is essential if there is to be agreement about the right decision to make.

There’s plenty of evidence that businesses with good management information and business intelligence are more likely to out-grow their competitors than those that don’t.    E.g. from the Economist Business Intelligence Unit – ‘putting information to work’.

But it takes time and money to find the right people, install systems, build the necessary skills, resources that many businesses find it hard to afford.

However, without that information the business might risk a cash flow crisis, a close brush with covenants, relationships with suppliers and customers that trigger losses.

New Analytics and Forecasting Shared Service

We at Develin are proud to announce the launch of our innovative Forecasting and Analytics Service.

It is aimed at management teams who want to quickly lift the quality and integrity of their management information and intelligence and have it delivered, as a service, in a highly visual format that everyone understands.

The service is completely bespoke with information designed to exactly meet their needs, for example:

  • Better plans, budgets and forecasts;
  • Clear investment options;
  • Insight about the most, and least, profitable customers and products;
  • Predictions about future customer behaviour;
  • Insight about the impact of a price change on profitability;
  • Confirmation that assets are being used efficiently and effectively.

The content is updated and refined as often as management teams wish.

The service is accessible as and when needed, through either a secure on-line portal or in-house.    But it’s paid for only when used.

And, it is delivered by specialists with over 25 years of developing management information and business intelligence for some of the best businesses in the country.

Our service is innovative because all you need to do is work with us to design the information that will get everyone onto the same page and ready for the decisions ahead.    And then leave us to do the heavy lift. E.g.

  • Collect the data that will bring the information to life.
  • Build the story within a secure portal accessible only by those you choose.
  • Change and refine the content as often as you need.
  • Provide you with all the relevant background and supporting information you need.
  • And, when it becomes possible to do so, train your people to do what we do.    So that, the moment the time is right, they can take over from us.

Please contact me, Paul Clarke, to find out how we can help your business to boost the quality of your management information and business intelligence.

Paul Clarke
Develin Consulting