More data can mean fewer words

One of the great things about the steady growth in data held by businesses is that there are ever-more imaginative ways to illustrate the problems that need to be fixed.

If we just use words to describe a problem, they become just another set of paragraphs in a report – to be skimmed over and immediately forgotten.

Pictures of course catch the eye.   If they are good they might then prompt the question ‘how did you create that image?’.   And if that happens, the next question is almost certainly ‘what’s it telling me?’.

Job done!   They’re engaged.

Here are a few of ours that have recently caught the eye.   Some words were needed, but in each case we set ourselves the challenge of using no more than 50.   See what you think.

Customer retention strategy

Customer retention challenge

These are clusters of customers.   Circle size shows what each is worth.   The strands are features that tie them together.

Blue customers have been poached by the competition.   The closer the yellow are to the blue, the more likely they are to follow.   Unless they can be persuaded to stay.

(50 words)

Service efficiency improvement

Service Visits

Each dot is a visit to a customer’s home by a home repair service.

Each line is one day’s journey by one person.   Line thickness indicates distance driven.

Better scheduling of visits can reduce the number of separate lines, extend their length, and make the thick lines become thinner.

(49 words)

Shifting customer profile

Customer profile

Each line is a different customer channel and each dot is a customer.   The further to the right, the more they have spent in one month.

Switch between months and you can see densities shift:   As their spending changes.   Or they switch between channels.   Or they just disappear altogether.

(49 words)

Back office efficiency

Month end activities

Month-end is a busy time for Accountants.

Each circle is an activity performed at month-end.   The lines show how much traffic there is between the activities.

The heaviest traffic goes between the four activities that deliver the least value:    Making changes and reworking the outputs.

(45 words – but not including those in the picture)


Paul Clarke
Develin Consulting Ltd

If we can describe the issues that your business experiences, in 50 words or less, please drop us a line.