Leadership will be the vital ingredient in the change that lies ahead for many of our great institutions – e.g. education, health, social housing. With luck the right leaders will be there when it matters, however the creation of leaders within our organisations is something that often appears to be left to chance. We put effort into building management skills, developing management teams, exploring an individual’s management potential, but we focus less upon leadership, due perhaps to a belief that a good manager is, by definition, capable of being a good leader. Continue reading “Leadership: we are not sheep”

As a business development and marketing specialist Paula Finch found her experience as a parent visiting Universities with her son a real eye opener. We asked Paula to share these experiences plus her top tips for getting it right on the day …

  1. Preparation is vital
  • The information made available to us ahead of our visits differed from University to University. Some sent everything I could possibly require which I found particularly useful. I found practical information such as directions, parking facilities, recommended overnight accommodation. I could also explore the list of presentations and plan a time-efficient itinerary with my son.

Some sent welcome communication to my son, either in the post or via email, confirming attendance and including subject-specific presentation booking information. This usually directed us to their website for more information.

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An interesting and often sobering exercise is to discover from colleagues how much time is spent each day with emails. As consultants we take a keen interest in how people spend their time. This ‘data’ can yield vital clues about the way that an organisation operates e.g. where there are pinch points relating to workload. When emails are mentioned in their own right (rather than the activities that take place through the use of email) we know that the burden upon staff from emails is heavy.
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