What we do

We explore what intelligence you need and develop a plan

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We develop information to drive the right decisions

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We help you to implement decision outcomes

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We train and develop your people to do what we do

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Why we are different

We visualise data to spot insights and trends, and combine it with financial analysis to help you make smarter decisions

“The opportunities to use data to support the critical decisions ahead are growing every day.  The ability to use data to work smarter, to spot the next opportunity and to drive financial analysis are becoming essential capabilities for management teams.”

Paul Clarke, Director

Case Studies

Clarion Group

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De Montfort University

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Whiteley Homes Trust

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Network Housing Group

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  • Professional development for the Amec Foster Wheeler Finance Team

  • A way of allocating IS costs to business units to help put the brakes on growing IS budgets

  • Discovered just what it cost to put smart meters into properties in far flung locations

  • Development of budgeting and forecasting roles and practice

  • Professional development for the ITV Finance Team

  • Professional development for the John Lewis Partnership Finance Team

  • Saved significant money whilst keeping front and back office services at peak performance

  • Taught over 1,000 Directors & Senior Managers budgeting & forecasting that helps deliver strategy

  • Cracked the spooky problem of ‘ghost’ pallets turning up in the main distribution warehouse

  • Sales forecasting system that gave Avon the edge over the competition across two continents